Smart YouTube TV is an ad-free version of the YouTube App for Android TV’s. This tutorial will show you the easiest way to install Smart YouTube TV to your NVIDIA Shield TV (all versions including 2015, 2017, 2019, Tube, Pro). Install Smart YouTube TV to NVIDIA Shield TV 1. Go to Apps. 2. Open Google Play Store. 3. Search for “Downloader”. 4. Install Downloader by AFTVnews 5. Open Downloader. 6. Press Allow when prompted to allow Downloader access to files (Downloader will need to save the installation file to your device). 7. Go to the URL field and type the following: (this is a shortened link I created of the Smart YouTube TV .APK file from the official website – it is just easier[…]

If you have spellcheck enabled in Affinity Photo or Designer it will show an annoying red-squiggly underline under any misspelled word. The red line appears over any layers and can be distracting since spellcheck is turned on by default. Follow the instructions to learn how to disable spell check in Affinity Photo or Designer How-to Turn Off Spellcheck in Affinity Photo or Designer 1. Go to Text on the top menu bar, go down to Spelling, and turn off Check Spelling While Typing.    

This tutorial will show you how to get the full 5120×1440 resolution on your super ultrawide monitor and Apple Silicon M1 Mac (including the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and Mac Mini). I recently purchased the 49″ Samsung CRG9 monitor and M1 Mac Mini. After setting everything up, I noticed I was only able to get 3840×1080 resolution. After some research and tinkering I’ve found the solution to get max 5120×1440 resolution on my M1 Mac! How-to Get 5120×1440 on Your M1 Mac 1. Unfortunately, I was not able to achieve full resolution with the cables included with my 49″ Samsung super ultrawide monitor. I had to purchase an 8k USB-C to DisplayPort cable. This is the one I purchased and[…]

You can now use NVIDIA GeForce NOW on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) running iOS 14 or later. It is not officially available on the Apple platform yet, but we found a working workaround that allows you to play NVIDIA GeForce NOW on Apple devices. This method is still in development, so Bluetooth controllers and mouses do not work at the moment, however, Bluetooth keyboards should be working. How-to Play NVIDIA GeForce NOW on iOS Device 1. Download and install Stadium Browser on your iOS device from the App Store. Note: It requires iOS 14 or higher to install. 2. Open Stadium Browser and you should be directed to the Page Settings. If not, go to settings and go to[…]

Google Stadia isn’t officially available for Apple devices yet, but we will show you how to get it running on your iPhone or iPad. You can now play games from Google Stadia on your iOS device and it works really well. Unfortunately, the Stadia controller does not work with iOS devices at the moment since it uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth, but you can connect and play with Bluetooth controllers like the XBox One or PS4 controller. **Update: Stadia will now natively run in Safari. This workaround is no longer needed.** How-to Play Google Stadia on iOS Device 1. Download and install Stadium Browser on your iOS device from the App Store. Note: It requires iOS 14 or higher to install.[…]

This tutorial will show you how to run NVIDIA GeForce NOW on Google Chrome from any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu). NVIDIA GeForce NOW recently launched its service for the ChromeOS (Google Chromebooks), which enables us to run the platform on Google Chrome browsers. Let’s get started. How-to Run NVIDIA GeForce Now on Google Chrome Browser In this guide, I am using a Mac but the instructions will be very similar if you using a different operating system. You will need Google Chrome installed on your computer. 1. Open Google Chrome and install User-Agent Switcher for Chrome here: User-Agent Switcher for Chrome 2. Right-click the User-Agent Switcher icon and go to Options. 3. In the Custom User-Agent List section, add[…]

Apple introduced a built-in screen recording app on newer iPhones and iPads. If you have an iPhone X or newer or an iPad running iOS 12 or higher, you will be able to record your screen using the default iOS screen recorder. This tutorial will show you how to access the iOS screen recorder which is hidden in the settings. How-to Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen This will only work on iPhone X or later and iPads running iOS 12 or higher. 1. Go to Settings > Control Center. 2. Go to Customize Controls. 3. Scroll down to More Controls and add Screen Recording. You should now see Screen Recording in the Include section. 4. Open the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner[…]

Yes, it is possible to play Fortnite on your Amazon Fire Tablet (Fire 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10, etc.). Since the Fire tablets do not meet the minimum requirement to run Fortnite, this tutorial will show you how run Fortnite on your Fire tablet using Nvidia GeForce NOW (it’s free – with some limitations). Nvidia GeForce NOW lets you stream the game from their computers directly onto your Fire tablet. This means you can play Fortnite smoothly even on your 2015 Fire 7 tablet! You will need reliable fast internet though. Let’s get started. I created this tutorial using the 2015 Amazon Fire 7 tablet and confirm it runs really well on this old device. How-to Play Fortnite[…]

If you are using the Duet Display app on your iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Mini, etc.), you may have noticed that the display is not full screen. There is a black bar on the bottom of the screen and the app does not use the full aspect ratio of the iPad. If you are experiencing this issue, we have found a workaround that will remove the black bar and allow full screen on Duet Display on your iPad. How-to Enable Full Screen on Duet Display for iPad 1. Make sure your device is connected and the Duet Display is running. Open Launchpad and open System Preferences. 2. Go to Displays. 3. In the Duet (AirPlay) window, hold down the option key and press Scaled. 4.[…]

Recently, I have been having problems updating apps through the Google Play Store. I get the error message, “Error checking for updates”. This guide will hopefully show you how to resolve the issue so you can update all of your apps through the Google Play Store without any problems. In this tutorial, my device is on Android version 10 but the instruction should be similar on other Android versions. How-to Fix “Error Checking for Updates” Google Play Store Issue First, we will try to clear the cache and storage. 1. Open the settings on your device – swipe down from the top and press the settings icon. 2. Go to Apps & notifications. 3. Open Google Play Store (you may[…]