This tutorial will show you how to add games (ROMs) to Gamma emulator on your iPhone or iPad. Gamma is a Playstation 1 (PS1 PSX) emulator available on the Apple App Store.

Gamma supports most of the popular PSX ROM formats including:

  • .BIN/.CUE
  • .ISO
  • .IMG
  • .CHD (added after recent update)
  • .PBP(added after recent update)
  • .MDS (added after recent update)

When adding a ROM to Gamma, you need to make sure you are adding a compatible format.

When downloading a PS1 ROM, the files are compressed in the following formats: .ZIP, .7Z, or .RAR. iOS natively supports .ZIP files and you can uncompress the file within any additional app, however, if you downloaded a PS1 ROM and it is a .7Z or .RAR file, then you will need to download an additional app to uncompress the file.

If you have a choice, you should download PS1 ROMs in .CHD format and compressed as a .ZIP file. .BIN/.CUE is a popular ROM format too, however, some ROMs have multiple .BIN files and Gamma emulator can only open one .BIN.

Add ROMs to Gamma Emulator

We found the easiest way to add ROMs to iOS was to download directly to your iPhone/iPad.

1. Find PS1 ROM and download it directly to your device (no links to ROMs will be provided). Make sure the ROM is in a compatible format (.BIN/.CUE, .ISO, .IMG, .CHD, .PBP etc.), otherwise, it will not run on Gamma. Press Download.

If the file you downloaded is a .ZIP file...

If the file you downloaded is a .7Z, .RAR, or other compressed format...

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