This tutorial will show you how to add games (ROMs) to Gamma emulator on your iPhone or iPad. Gamma is a Playstation 1 (PS1) emulator available on the Apple App Store.

Before we begin, there's a couple things to mention. PS1 ROMs are available in many different formats, however, Gamma does not support all of the ROM formats. I have tested several popular formats and found that Gamma supports and does not support the following formats:

Gamma supports:

  • .BIN/.CUE
  • .ISO
  • .IMG
  • .CHD (added after recent update)

Gamma does not support:

  • .PBP

When adding a ROM to Gamma, you need to make sure you are adding a compatible format.

When downloading a PS1 ROM, the files are compressed in the following formats: .ZIP, .7Z, or .RAR. iOS natively supports .ZIP files and you can uncompress the file within any additional app, however, if you downloaded a PS1 ROM and it is a .7Z or .RAR file, then you will need to download an app to uncompress the file.

If you have a choice, you should download PS1 ROMs in .CHD or .BIN/.CUE format and compressed as a .ZIP file.

Add ROMs to Gamma Emulator

We found the easiest way to add ROMs to iOS was to download directly to your iPhone/iPad.

1. Find PS1 ROM and download it directly to your device (no links to ROMs will be provided). Make sure the ROM is in a compatible format (.BIN/.CUE, .ISO, .IMG, .CHD), otherwise, it will not run on Gamma. Press Download.

If the file you downloaded is a .ZIP file...

If the file you downloaded is a .7Z, .RAR, or other compressed format...

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